Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

It is so long from the last post I wrote. 

This post is dedicated to Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore. He died in Singapore General Hospital at 23 March, 3h18am.

Hardly describe how much effort he has put into this nation throughout his life. From a fishing village 50 years ago, with no natural resources, Singapore becomes a financial centre of Asia, from “the third world to the first”. A miracle transformation made Singaporean proud, a little red dot in this world map. 

Personally, I owed a big debt to him. Without him and his legacy, I couldn’t study and work in Singapore . As many of my foreigner friends share the same feeling, we deeply thank him for what make our life possible.


The above picture was the State Funeral held on Sunday, 29 March. It rained a lot, but it didn’t kept Singapore fellows and friends away who saluting and crying on the roads. Once again, Singaporean stood together and united as one nation. We love you, MM Lee!

IMG_2332 IMG_2340

Few days ago, I paid my tribute to LKY’s lying in state at Parliament House. It was crowd at midnight, but highly organised. Bread and water were distributed on the ground. I was shocked when it was announced the length of queue extended to 8 hours. But I was already there, and I think the worst case is taking a half day off the next day. So I stayed over. I felt the emotion and determination of crowd.

…When I went out, it was almost 7am, right time to head to work. Thanks to coffee I am still awake the whole Friday.

It comes from my heart. From today I will become a different person. It was 6.5 hours queueing. But compared to LKW whom has dedicated his whole life for a nation, it is nothing. I have to become a better person than I used to.